Our Services

Channel Development

Long term strategy to develop a channel program that will focus on retention of partners while supporting, managing and attracting new partners. If you want to create a new or update an existing but outdated program, Sky will develop strategies to grow your channel program for the future.

Channel Program Acceptance

Are you offering the right incentives to encourage your partners to consider your offerings. Are MDF (Marketing Development Funds) made available? Are your current partner programs working for you? Are you getting the right results from the events you attend? We will analyze what you are currently doing and suggest ways to make your program more efficent and effective. 

Communication Breakdown

Do you clearly communicate how your solution will benefit the targeted partners? Is social media the most effective way to communicate with all partners? The focus should be on the individuals who generate the most revenue. With our experience, we will make communication with your partners more productive.

Partner Growth Analysis

Have you started with the proper building blocks to make your channel investment successful? Have you prepared and/or aligned the team necessary to support the efforts of your partners? We put the blocks in place and start the groundwork to make your offering successful in the channel.

Recruiting Channel Focused Employees

Why hire typical recruiters who only look for keywords in a search and do not understand what it takes to build or create a channel program. With over 3500 earned channel contacts, we have the depth to recommend the best and most dedicated employee to deliver channel results for your company.  

Channel as a Service (CaaS)

Are you messaging and updating the most active Account Executives? Is your communication effective? Do you know how you can improve or eliminate current barriers for your partners? With our Subscription Service we will continually communicate with your best partner team members. We provide customized messaging, surveys, and follow-ups to generate more revenue.