Considering US Channels

First Time to Enter US Channels

Entering US markets by building channels can be very rewarding but you must first think of it from a strategic perspective. The US is the largest IT market in the world. Which partners will you target? US customers are always excited about new technologies and will ask new questions, push you to the limits, and force you to consider possibilities you have never considered before. Sky understands partner programs, partner communication and partner development. 

Define Your Sales Strategy

Not having a "channel first" approach will make it difficult for vendors to succeed in the US. If you have a direct team that will compete with your new partner, it will raise a big concern. Partners know first hand that conflict will arise. It's a matter of when, not if. Are the rules of engagement clearly defined so trust will be established? At Sky Channel Cosulting we understand where these conflicts arise and will address them before your reputation can be tarnished. 

Does Your Business Model Align with the Channel

There are hundreds of vendors approaching the same channel partners to sell its solution. Your business model should present an advantage for your channel partner. Knowing this upfront will help you adjust your business model as you enter the U.S. market. By reviewing your current business model we will be able to make the proper alignments well in advance of meeting with any new or current partners. 

Define Roles and Responsibilities

Have you defined the roles and responsibilities between you and a potential channel partner? In the beginning there will be a lot of hand holding from the Vendor side. Have you mapped out what the partner will expect from you? What will happen if the customer (end user) runs into issues and wants help? Who will your channel partner reach out to if the customer calls them directly? Sky Channel Consulting will help you define these roles.

Does Your Support Model Work in the US

Do you have a clear map showing how you will support your partner's efforts if they sell your solution? If they want to present your solution to their customer, who do they call for sales support? For technical support? Do you have overseas support only? Not addressing this upfront can be a deal killer for US partners. Sky will help you clearly define your support model so you can earn the trust of your partners. 

Identifying the Optimal Partners

 Discussing your solution with more potential partners than you can handle? Flying all over the US to shake everyone's hand? Maybe you signed a few reseller agreements. Everyone is excited. NOW WHAT? Are they even the right fit to sell your solution? Do they want you to attend all the events on the schedule while promising to meet everyone on their team? Will they commit to training or do they just want your marketing dollars? Will your hard earned dollars be spent wisely? At Sky we understand how valuable your marketing dollars are and will assist you in getting the most for your money.